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Gazebo Printing Australia is a part of Mountain Shade. Mountain Shade has become one of the biggest in Australia, large format printers of marquees, gazebos , printed table runners/covers and flags. We formed Gazebo Printing Australia ( we call ourselves Gazebo Printing ) to support our co-operation agreement with OZtrail. Gazebo Printing is a specialised manufacturer of AFFORDABLE QUALITY Marquee or Gazebo Custom Roofs, Walls, Banners and Flag printing at the best value for money available for selected manufacturers Gazebo/ Outdoor Shade products and frames . We proudly sell compatible printed roofs and walls for OZtrail Deluxe Gazebos and support the OZtrail range of products.

We have multiple printing machines we use to print for ourselves, and also for other signage and marquee companies. Dye Sublimation printing is a high-end commercial printing method that produces true continuous tones deeply embedded into fabric fibres. It is a customisation method that uses heat and high pressure to transfer colour in gas form from a pre-printed substrate (similar to a photo) deeply permeating the fibres of the receiving fabric with precision. We use professional grade inks and machinery so it delivers life-like results onto fabric for a striking finish.

Dye sublimation relies on the use of modern polymer-based synthetic fabrics for the chemical bonding process. When heat and pressure are applied during the sublimation process, the ink sublimates from the paper to the fibres of the special fabric, creating an inseparable bond that is extremely durable, flexible, UV resistant, impervious to chemicals like chlorine/bleach, and has none of the weaknesses of other methods like screen printing or PVC/Vinyl printing.

Contact us on sales@gazeboprinting.com.au for a quote.