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Product Warranty

Warranty Summary      

With every Gazebo Printing product, this includes Oztrail Compatible Printed Roofs, Oztrail Compatible Printed Walls, Printed Banners and Flags and Accessories we offer the  Gazebo Printing  Manufacturers Workmanship Warranty. Warranty details are available here:

What you get in the Box:

You will find your printed roof, printed walls, banner flag and accessories easy and safe to handle giving you many years of dependable service when used properly.

Caution Note:

Carefully read through the entire instruction manual, watch our Youtube channel video’s on how to erect and use our Fabric products and other products, and read this Warranty before using your new Gazebo Printing products. Please pay attention to the cautions, and warnings below.

Contents of a Gazebo Printing Product Trolleyon Package

  • • Fabric Unit ( Roof, Walls etc ) in its own packaging
  • • Instruction Booklet
  • • Job number

Unpacking the Trolleyon

Due to our proven Production techniques and Quality Control, it is highly unlikely that your Gazebo Printing product will be faulty or a part is missing. If you find anything out of place or not working as it should, do not use the product until the parts have been replaced or the problem has been rectified. Failure to do so could result in injury. Contact us  immediately you discover an issue.


Gazebo Printing products are high quality and as a result, perform better with routine maintenance. We do recommend that a general inspection is performed regularly. A regular check that involves inspecting the printed roof corner stitching and the eyelets will ensure longer life.


CAUTION: Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the products roof, or side walls. A small amount of mild detergent  such as dishwashing liquid with warm water applied via a damp soft cloth is recommended.

CAUTION: Do not use a high powered hose or pressure washer to clean the products roof or side walls as it may damage the material and remove the various treatments applied to your roof, walls or awning.

WARNING: Use of incorrect or non recommended cleaning agents, techniques or chemicals may discolour, damage the underlying material or make your product fade prematurely and as result, void your warranty.

WARNING: Gazebo Printing Fabric items such as roof and walls are to be removed from the Oztrail frame for transportation and storage. Whilst it may be convenient to keep these fabric products on the frame for transportation and storage ( co-habitation), this may create accelerated wear and tear. Warranty claims will be void if they are as a result or suspected to be a result of co-habitation damage of the Oztrail Gazebo frame and our roof.

Get familiar with your product

Before using the Gazebo Printing Marquee, familiarise yourself with all of its operating features and safety requirements. Use the product only for its intended purposes.

CAUTION: Your Gazebo Printing product is not warranted to be a permanent structure. It is to be used as a portable and temporary shade/weather solution only. Whilst our products  have superior all weather performance, it should be used with common sense and not operated in extreme weather conditions or used in a continuous manner outdoors.

WARNING: Use of your Gazebo Printing product as a permanent structure will cause your product to wear and fade prematurely and will void any warranty.

Safety Requirements

WARNING: Always lift  and install the products with care and use a minimum of 2 adults ( for roofs, walls) to prevent serious personal injury and also ensure product is not dirtied or contaminated with contact with the ground..
WARNING: Always assemble/erect and disassemble/de-erect this item with a minimum of 2 adults to prevent  injury or undue product stress/mis-use.
SUGGESTION: Store all documentation in a safe place.

Warranty Duration
Our Products come in the following warranty categories:

  • Oztrail Compatible Printed Roof – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • Oztrail Compatible Printed Walls – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • Oztrail Compatible Printed Banner Sign – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • Teardrop Banner & Hardware – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • Table Cover – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • Oztrail Gazebo accessories – 30 days Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty
  • All Polyester Fabric  Roofs and Walls and other products are made of high-quality heavy-duty polyester based fabric material. These fabric based products carry a warranty of 30 days from receipt of the goods. In this period, we expect you would notify us of any problem with the fabric based product so we can rectify the situation immediately based on your first and subsequent use of the product. Notification and warranty claims after this period are deemed not to be a manufacturing error.

Warranty Applicability

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your complete satisfaction with our product, manufacturing errors can occur in a mass manufacturing process. As a result a product may have a manufacturing error or not function correctly and you may need the help of our service department.